What is Offshoring?

In this article we are going to see what is offshoring, and what are offshore companies and their main characteristics. Offshore is a term that can be applied to offshore banks, companies and investments, and refers to any location that is beyond national boundaries, whether on land or water. In terms of more commercial activities, […]

Top countries that allow dual citizenship in 2021.

More and more countries are allowing dual citizenship to their citizens, but this number is growing at the same rate that countries are cracking down on citizens who hold multiple citizenships. Below is an updated list of the main countries that allow dual citizenship: Albania. Australia: which, in addition to dual citizenship, also allows multiple […]

The financial trust and its benefits

Financial trusts are a very important part of the many opportunities offered by trust contracts. It is a financial tool for companies to separate some of their assets from their patrimony, and thus have the possibility to make them grow, together with a trustee for their administration. The success of the financial trust lies in […]

Real estate and trusts in Panama

Orion Global Consultants has close relationships with important real estate companies and investment funds in Panama, which can advise you throughout the process of acquiring real estate, both in appraisals, negotiations, trusts and transactions.   Panama is the second economic power of Central America, and has more than a decade of uninterrupted economic growth. This […]

Offshore Companies in Panama

There are many countries with offshore financial centers (OFC), in fact, there are some that are very popular, such as Switzerland, Belize, Cayman Islands, etc… but Panama is one of the countries with the most favorable and advantageous laws for the construction of offshore companies in the world. Whoever is interested in investment diversification, tax […]

Migration to Panama and its advantages.

In order to migrate to Panama and get the nationality, it is best to have the support of specialists who can advise you on the best way to do it. At Orion we have specialists who have years of experience in processing all types of residence permits or visas in Panama. Through Panama’s immigration laws, […]

Benefits of dual nationality:

Dual citizenship is when a person is recognized as a legal citizen of two countries. Keep in mind that there are countries that do not allow their citizens to have dual citizenship, so it is very important to verify if your country allows dual citizenship before starting the process of acquiring a second one. Next, […]