Real estate and trusts in Panama

Orion Global Consultants has close relationships with important real estate companies and investment funds in Panama, which can advise you throughout the process of acquiring real estate, both in appraisals, negotiations, trusts and transactions.


Panama is the second economic power of Central America, and has more than a decade of uninterrupted economic growth. This can be seen in all the country’s investment in infrastructure, building a new subway system, improving the public transportation fleet, and of course investing in the real estate sector, which has grown steadily since 2005. As a result, real estate investment in the country has increased.

The acquisition of real estate in this country is very safe for foreign investors since they have the same rights as Panamanians, but in order to have greater security investors can resort to the trust.

Also, it should be noted that the acquisition of real estate in Panama includes property titles and these are registered in the Public Registry. It is an aspect to highlight, since in Panama we find that not all real estate properties have such title.

Real estate investment in Panama has been booming for more than a decade, that is why Orion advises you:

  • Get an agent specialized in real estate to accompany you throughout the process, and to be the point of communication between all parties involved.
  • Hire a good lawyer with experience in real estate, and thus be able to reduce the risks of your investment.
  • Anticipate all the additional expenses of the acquisition of these properties, such as, for example, the registration of the deed of the property.
  • To investigate very thoroughly all the options of loans or bank credits available.
  • To make a trust for greater security of the investment and the patrimony.

The trust has many advantages for investors:

  • The trust assets are exempt from debts generated outside the trust.
  • It is a financing alternative.
  • Through a trust, the terms of return of the investment can be reduced.
  • The assets of the trust are totally separated from the personal assets of each of the trustors.

In conclusion, Panama is one of the best countries to invest in real estate, and the trust is the most powerful financial tool to do it safely.

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