What is citizenship by investment?

Citizenship by investment is a process by which people can obtain a second citizenship by an economic investment in a sovereign state, that is, a person can acquire the citizenship rights of a foreign country, making an investment in that country (see country requirements), also maintaining their nationality of origin. It is also an excellent way to accelerate any necessary immigration process, in case of moving to such country, in addition to allowing the obtaining of a second passport.


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Advantages of citizenship by investment?

Tax advantages:
By holding dual nationality, tax advantages are acquired, since it allows entrepreneurs and investors to be able to manage their wealth more efficiently. There are many countries that only tax income and profits earned in that country.

One of the main benefits of dual nationality, are the privileges offered by each country to its citizens, such as being able to work in either country without a visa, being able to run for any public office in either country, or being able to have access to both social service systems.

Two passports:
There is also the advantage of the person holding two passports. This means that the person does not have the need to apply for visas, nor does he or she have any restrictions when traveling between one country and another.

Family stability:
Generally, when a person is granted citizenship by investment, their family can join the application, and this expedites future moves for them.

By being a citizen of a country, both you and your family will be able to access public schools and you will even have priority to many private ones.

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